Jeet Kune Do (JKD) Survival Combatives & Vale Tudo Self Defense

Survival Combatives is a Vale Tudo ( anything goes ) form of self defense that strips down the unnecessary memorization of forms and Kata found in most martial arts. Survival Combatives relies on natural human responses to neutralize an attacker in a self defense situation.

We utilize the concepts and methodology of Contemporary Jeet Kune Do – JKD, for real world application. It contains techniques for both standing and groundfighting. Most importantly the concepts behind Survival Combatives allow individuals of any size, strength or athletic ability to quickly learn. This makes it a perfect fit for all ages including women, men and children.

The instruction accommodates individuals with a variety of experience and fitness levels and teaches them efficient lifesaving techniques that are easy to learn, remember and replicate.

 The techniques will range from striking (elbows, knees, kicks etc.) to grabs and choke defenses. Some techniques will also involve ground fighting which is the core element of grappling. Some of these techniques have been modified, thus allowing an individual the opportunity to advance to a dominant position and remove oneself from the situation. 

Sneakers and appropriate gym attire is a must, and a towel and water are always a good idea. No equipment is necessary, and classes are open to everyone regardless of experience or fitness level.

Group and Individual private classes are available along with Corporate training, at the gym or at a location of your choice. For more information feel free to contact us about Rape Prevention, Situational Awareness, and Self Defense utilizing Kali, Jeet Kune Do, CSW and Brazilian Jiu JItsu (BJJ.) 


All of our classes are taught with the self defense first mentality, including: