Rough & Tumble Catch Wrestling / Vale Tudo Self Defense

As with all of our curriculum emphasis is placed on practical self defense methods. JKD Grappling is an amalgamation of standing grappling and ground-fighting methods found in many different arts. Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), Catch-as-Catch-Can, Submission Arts Wrestling (SAW), Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Judo, Shooto, Sambo, Kali Dumog & Silat make up a significant part of our JKD Grappling.

These arts are seamlessly integrated with striking to create our JKD Grappling curriculum. There is heavy emphasis on grappling fundamentals and the self defense aspects of close quarters fighting. While we thoroughly encourage sport and competition, it is by far not the only means in which the art can be performed and appreciated. At their roots martial arts were intended for self defense, before evolving into competition.

As with all of our instruction we have a stepped progression that emphasizes Self Preservation followed by Self Perfection. Our Grappling classes include the full range of fighting possibilities which include techniques from both standing and grounded positions.

• Standing Grappling / Trapping, Clinch work & Takedowns
• Positional & Space Control
• Escapes & Reversals
• Striking
• Submission / Locks / Chokes & Strangles


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