Group Classes

Currently we provide group classes at Philadelphia Head Quarters. We also specialize in individual private lessons and small group classes that are open to everyone. Our classes are coed and we welcome beginners as well as experienced students to participate. We offer a variety of curriculum and classes throughout the week as well as special events and conditioning classes. Our classes offer concepts, and techniques that are implemented with light application or sparring to help functionalize what was learned. We feel it is important to maintain a fun, positive environment to learn in. Self Defense is a priority but we also promote cardiovascular and functional fitness benefits as well.

Specialty Courses
Throughout the year we offer Specialty Courses that run for 6 weeks and provide our students with a comprehensive toolset oriented toward practical self defense. As always, our training is reality based and focused on the core fundamentals and aspects of self preservation. Currently, we offer a Foundation Self Defense Courses once a semester, as well as other specific courses that include Filipino Kali, Integrated Weapons, Catch Wrestling, Defensive Ground Combatives, and Dirty Boxing. Each course builds the students toolset and provides them with the required basics to continue learning and take the other courses and classes we provide. Find out more…

Individual Private or Group Training
Besides our regularly scheduled classes we specialize in on-site private training for men, women and children as well as group and corporate training. This provides our clients with the freedom to pick their own times, dates and locations, for training. We have found that this option gives our clients the opportunity to train even on the busiest of schedules. We can train individuals in Functional Fitness, Catch Wrestling. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Rape Prevention, Bully Prevention, Jeet Kune Do, Kali, LEO Tactical Defense or in our Survival Combatives program. Our self defense programs provide everyone with the skills needed to protect themselves or loved ones.

Corporate Training and Seminars
Our corporate training and seminars provide employers and organizations the opportunity to educate their employees/staff in self defense. Our training not only empowers individuals with self defense skills but we also teach the situational awareness attributes that are often needed in a specific field of employment. Training is custom tailored for the specific requirements and variables that each job entails. Over the past few years we have worked with students, teachers, promotional vendors, hospitals and marketing representatives with great success.

We have a wide variety of programs and training options, please feel free to contact us!